Jimmy Kimmel Explains What Happened During Academy Awards Best Picture Blunder

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Talk show veteran Jimmy Kimmel was the host for this year's Academy Awards and he has now explained what happened during the chaos of the Best Picture announcement.

If you didn't know already, La La Land was wrongly announced as Best Picture as Moonlight was the real winner.

Jimmy Kimmel was sitting in the audience when the Best Picture winner was announced. He was waiting for the show to end so he could film a funny segment with Matt Damon to close the show.

However, he knew something was wrong when the Stage Manager came out on camera. He said the Stage Manager never comes out of the curtain.

Kimmel as the host felt that he should be responsible to let the audience know what was going on, but at the time even he was clueless.

He got up on stage to try and explain what was happening, although La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz was already diffusing the situation and graciously accepted to present the Academy Award to the Moonlight producers.

Kimmel goes on to explain something that many people missed and that's the fact that the Academy makes two envelopes for the winners.

One envelope Emma Stone had when she walked off to take her Best Actress award while the other was wrongly given to poor old Warren Beatty.

Kimmel funnily said that Faye Dunaway ran out of the building to avoid the commotion.

Apparently the Academy makes two envelopes for security reasons.

Let's say if one envelope gets stolen or is misplaced, they have a backup. Well it looks like someone gave Warren Beatty the backup envelope by mistake and that's why he was confused.

Anyway, you can watch Kimmel's explanation of the whole thing below. We can be sure that the Academy will be taking steps not to make the same mistake ever again.

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