You Can Now Pre-order Star Wars: The Last Jedi Blu-ray At Best Buy And Target

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Even though Star Wars: The Last Jedi is still in cinemas across the world now, some North American retailers have already announced that you can now pre-order the Blu-ray version of the movie that comes with several bonus features.

As announced on the official Star Wars Movies Facebook page, the Blu-ray of Star Wars: The Last Jedi is available to pre-order now at Best Buy and also Target.

The two listings show us the covers as well as Steelbook versions you can get too.

The first version you can get at Best Buy is the ordinary Blu-ray version that costs $29.99. It includes a Blu-ray disc, DVD disc as well as a digital copy of the film encased inside of a nice Steelbook cover.

The second release is for the 4K Ultra HD version and this is slightly more expensive costing $34.99.

It includes an Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray disc, a normal Blu-ray disc as well as a digital copy also encased in a Steelbook cover.

Target has an exclusive version of the Blu-ray that is slightly cheaper costing $27.99.

This edition is pretty cool because it has a 40-page booklet that "includes a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Star Wars: The Last Jedi with exclusive images, facts and personal insights from the filmmakers.".

It is also worth mentioning that the initial Facebook post says the Blu-ray of Star Wars: The Last Jedi will feature over two hours of special features, deleted scenes and much more.

There's still no official release date announced for the home release of The Last Jedi, although it's predicted the film should be out in stores sometime in late March or early April.

This is around the same time The Force Awakens and Rogue One got released.

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