Hasbro Set To Crowdfund Huge 32 Inch Galactus Toy

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Galactus is one of the biggest characters ever in the Marvel Comic Book Universe, and now you could get him as a snazzy looking toy.

Hasbro has announced it will crowdfund the new toy of Galactus that should hopefully get made if lots of people back it.

The reason this toy will be massive is because he'll be around 32 inches tall. This is slightly taller than the Sentinel toy that Hasbro also crowdfunded a few months ago.

In order for this toy to be crowdfunded, it will need 14,000 backers within the next 45 days. It's not going to be a cheap expense because the toy is going for a price of $400 USD!

The reason the toy is also expensive is because he's made up of over 300 parts and has a lot of articulation.

He also has some electronic parts inside him too. His hands will be able to squish any 6 inch line Marvel toy you may have in your collection.

He does not come with many accessories other than swappable faceplates with different expressions on them. One faceplate makes him look like a skeleton for some reason.

If 14,000 people back him, the toy will be released sometime in the year 2022. Hopefully more than 14,000 people sign up so we can get stretch goals that will include even additional accessories and/or figures with it.

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