Michael Fassbender and Jimmy Fallon Play Frozen Blackjack on The Tonight Show

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What's better than playing a normal old-fashioned game of Blackjack? A game of Frozen Blackjack of course. Michael Fassbender was visiting The Tonight Show and things got a little crazy during his game of Frozen Blackjack against Jimmy Fallon.

If you're not quite sure what Frozen Blackjack is, it's much like regular Blackjack, however, the loser has to get ice water poured down their pants through a funnel.

Fassbender said he trusts the deck and had a hand of 18 but Fallon busted and he would have the first of the ice water pitchers poured down his pants.

The reaction to the ice water said it all. Fallon lost another hand and had another pitcher poured down his pants. Then it was time for the third and final round with a much larger barrel of water.

Fallon dealt the hand to Fassbender who wanted to stay at 17 but was coaxed into hitting it one more time. He lost and had to suffer some ice cold water down his pants.

During his visit to The Tonight Show, Fassbender also told Fallon about his father who loves to give famous actors advice and played a game of Pen in Bottle, which Fallon learned from Fassbender's co-star Alicia Vikander.

You can watch the videos from Fassbender's visit to The Tonight Show below and catch him and Alicia Vikander in The Light Between Oceans, which hits theaters on September 2.

Michael Fassbender and Jimmy Fallon Play Frozen Blackjack on The Tonight Show

Michael Fassbender On His Parents

Michael Fassbender and Jimmy Fallon Play Pen in Bottle

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