Wally West Will Be Back In The Flash Season 4

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The Flash season 4 seemed unfortunate for Wally West fans.

The character was always getting knocked out, and now he's not even in the show. Fans can somewhat breathe a sigh of relief because he will be back in later episodes of season 4 instead.

The Flash's co-showrunner Andrew Kreisberg told reporters (via TVLine), that we will see Wally West again.

West is not gone from the Arrowverse permanently as more exciting things about the character will be revealed in the near future. He might be used to help Barry Allen if the team cannot handle things themselves.

Kreisberg also gave a reason why Wally West had to take a sabbatical. It was because it was too expensive for the show to have two speedsters all of the time. That's why Wally West was either knocked out or not helping Barry in the previous episodes of season 4.

They were only able to afford one speedster at a time. Not to mention having two speedsters will make the villains look weak in comparison. From a creative standpoint, it was going to work out either.

Wally West is set to return sometime in November, so his absense won't be for too long. Season 4 of The Flash is concentrating on a bunch of metahumans that were created recently thanks to The Thinker. This season is different than what we have seen in the past.

The show is going for a more humorous and light hearted tone.

Not to mention The Thinker is a type of villain we have not seen before. The previous three villains felt similar since they were all speedsters that were close to Barry and the team...

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