'Little People Big World': Will Jacob Return?

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With the new season of Little People Big World premiering in the past month, it's clear that key members of the family continue to be absent.

Zack and Tori Roloff and Jeremy and Audrey Roloff continue to occupy much of the screen time of recent episodes of Little People Big World.

But where are Molly Roloff and Jacob Roloff? It makes sense that Molly Roloff is off-screen given that she's at college.

So how about Jacob Roloff? We previously reported on Jacob Roloff's political and religious leanings as opposing his family's view.

Still, a recent update indicated that Jacob Roloff had made up with his mom, Amy Roloff.

Little People Big World: An Unexpected Reunion?

In the first episode of this season of Little People Big World, we found out from Amy that her entire family was spread out. She talked about Jacob Roloff being in California along with his girlfriend.

Well, Jacob is certainly in a different state, spending time with his girlfriend and his rescue dogs and making his political views known.

In this Instagram post, Jacob Roloff posts about how a Trump presidency will push his generation of voters to mobilize and enact change:

A photo posted by Jacob Roloff (@jacobroloff45) on

In addition, Jacob Roloff discusses political issues such as the Dakota Access Pipeline, his further concerns about the Trump presidency and his support of Edward Snowden being pardoned by Obama.

Jacob Roloff also promotes the Alan Watts center, a site with the mission to spread the teachings of Alan Watts.

Will Jacob Roloff come back for this season of Little People Big World?

Our prediction? Definitely not.

Jacob has made his contempt for the institution of reality television quite clear to everyone including his family and so it seems highly unlikely that he would want to contribute to the reality machine that is Little People Big World.

What do you think about what will happen with Jacob and Molly this season? Tweet us and let us know.

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