GLOW Season 2 Review: Episodes 3 And 4

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GLOW Season 2 continues on with episodes 3 and 4 and there is more character development this time around.

While Ruth was the main focus of the first season, it's great to see Season 2 gives more screentime to the other characters on the show.

That said, episode 3 was still focused on Ruth and Debbie as the two are still not fully friends again.

As you might know from the first season, Debbie still hates Ruth for sleeping with her husband and breaking up their marriage.

Ruth still wants to be friends, but it's going to take a lot of effort to impress Debbie again.

Ruth is trying to move on and lead a life of her own as she's been invited to go to a concert by GLOW's Camera Guy.

However, Debbie prevents this from happening by telling Ruth to stay behind and help her work on the show's PSA.

The PSA promo was quite funny as they were trying to educate young people not to have sex. After all, having a baby as a teenager prevents you from going to college and doing lots of other things.

I understand why Debbie is upset, but I feel she's taking this grudge a little too far. It will be interesting to see if Debbie will ever forgive Ruth, but I doubt the two will bury the hatchet anytime soon.

I also like episode 3 because we get to see what Cherry has been up to.

Cherry is now a part of a proper TV show, although she's messing up her lines and is not a good lead actress.

Cherry was one of my favorite characters last season and I hope the character is brought back to GLOW because she was one of the best wrestlers on the show.

Surprisingly, main character Ruth takes a backseat in episode 4 as this episode focuses on the main event of GLOW this week. It's Tammé "The Welfare Queen" Dawson defending her crown against Debbie "Liberty Belle" Eagan.

Before we get to see the actual wrestling match, we learn that Tammé has a son going to Stanford University and she does not want to tell him she's a wrestler at GLOW. She also does not want him to know she's playing a derogatory character known as the 'Welfare Queen'.

Episode 4 may have been my favorite one of Season 2 so far as we get to look at the types of sacrifices these women have to make in order to support their families.

Sure the 'Welfare Queen' is a racist stereotype, but GLOW is able to give Tammé money for her family.

The other side story was humorous as Debbie starts to sell off her bed and other furniture so she can forget everything about her husband.

Debbie is still the most unstable character on the show, but going through a divorce is not easy to go through so I understand her pain.

When the wrestling match actually happens between the two characters, we actually get to see a full wrestling match. The actresses did well during their spots and it was an entertaining match.

At the end of the match, Debbie actually got the Roman Reigns treatment as half the audience was cheering her while the other half started booing her.

Many people in the crowd felt sympathy for Tammé after she was booked to lose her crown.

Debbie struggles to control the unexpected crowd reaction until Ruth calls an audible and plays her heel character once again so the crowd cheers for Debbie once again.

Again, I love the realism portrayed on the show as wrestling crowds are unpredictable and sometimes boo the babyface if they feel they are fake or lame.

Anyway, episodes 3 and 4 of GLOW Season 2 were entertaining and I've yet to be bored by the series so far. I also love the diversity of the show as the women get a lot of screentime and have their own story arcs.

It would have been boring if the show always centered on only Ruth and Debbie all of the time.

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