'Westworld' Star James Marsden Gets Surprised By Dame Helen Mirren on The Ellen Show

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Westworld star James Marsden stopped by The Ellen Show to chat about his career and the new show, however, he couldn't have been there on a better day as his celebrity crush, Dame Helen Mirren, was also visiting at the time.

DeGeneres quickly opened up the interview by telling him how great it was to have him on the show, however, she pointed out that his celebrity crush was on the show as well. Marsden said he just loves her and had a massive crush on her for years.

He had never met Mirren before and didn't even get to meet her backstage.

This first led to a story about Marsden traveling on the same flight as Mirren. He followed her off the flight towards baggage claim and took a photo of her while she was walking.

He admitted that it was very creepy and he avoided her backstage because he didn't want her to know that he was stalking her.

Before he could say another word, DeGeneres brought out Mirren who surprised Marsden first by playfully mocking him with air-photos and then with a hug and a kiss. He apologized and then posed for a couple of photos.

Marsden said he would never be 20 minutes late for her after hearing her tell the story of meeting her husband earlier on in the show.

Mirren said that Marsden was "so handsome" which caused him to drop to his knees as she walked away. After the big surprise, Marsden chatted with DeGeneres about the projects that he is working on and also revealed that he turned down a role in the first Magic Mike.

You can hear this story and more about Westworld in The Ellen Show video below.

'Westworld' Star James Marsden Gets Surprised By Dame Helen Mirren on The Ellen Show