Did Howard Stern Take Another Unexpected Day Off?

Fans of "The Howard Stern Show" were likely surprised Wednesday to tune in and find that "The King of all Media" was once again taking the day off -- something that has been happening more and more often.

Stern in a regular week already works only a Monday through Wednesday schedule with frequent weeks off but he has recently begin taking random days off as well.

This is likely to accommodate shooting the live editions of "America's Got Talent."

With AGT nearing its completion Stern's random vacations should end soon.

Fans can at least take heart in the fact that on most of his off days a live "Wrap-Up Show" has aired bringing new perspective on the repeat or archived content that aired.

Stern never tells fans when he is taking a day off which adds to their frustration level when he is not live on a day they expect him to be.

Empty Lighthouse did a poll earlier this year about Stern's frequent vacations and voters overwhelmingly -- about 3 to 1 -- felt he took too many days off.

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