'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' TLC Season 4 Episode 13 Recap: Will Whitney Go on Tour?

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Tonight was episode 13 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 4 and we got to find out what really happened to Whitney's mom. Whitney is distraught on her way to seeing her mom at the hospital.

Whitney's father explains that Whitney's mother had issues with sensation in her hand and so came to the hospital because of concerns about a stroke.

The doctor soon comes in and explains that Babs had a vessel rupture in her brain which caused a bleed.

When Whitney returns home, Tal and Buddy manage to cheer her up a little. Whitney wants Babs to stay with her for a few days when she's discharged from the hospital.

Before she arrives, Whitney goes out to do some errands with Todd.

Whitney discusses her hopes of becoming a regular on Kiss radio. Whitney also fills Todd in on her interaction with the Fitness Marshall, which does draw out Todd's jealous side.

Next, Whitney brings Babs home with her. Babs is pleased with the massage bed but certainly loves squeaking the horn that Whitney gives her. Later, Whitney's brother and father come over and remind her how lucky Babs was.

Whitney also returns to the radio station studio to discuss her future at Kiss.

Everyone gives Whitney good feedback and tells her she could be a 4th mic but they're not sure what their own futures are in radio so they can't extend anything to Whitney.

In this episode, the Fitness Marshall comes over Whitney's home to show her the video they put together. In a surprising moment, The Fitness Marshall asks Whitney if she can come on the road with him.

Whitney hesitates because her mom just had a stroke and she needs some time to think it over. Todd expresses his dissatisfaction about Whitney even considering going on tour.

Whitney discusses the issue of going on tour with her father. Her father wants Whitney to do what she needs to do for her career. It's what Whitney expected but it doesn't make her decision any easier.

Whitney is still out of commission and so she has Todd teach her class for her. But Todd "accidentally" tells everyone in the dance class that Whitney may go on tour with the Fitness Marshall.

At the end of the episode, Whitney is still unsure as to whether she'll go on tour. But one thing is for sure, Todd's response doesn't shake her.

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