Andi Mack Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: A Wedding In The Future?

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The second season of Andi Mack is back and it's clear that Disney's latest show about tweens is going to drop quite a few surprises. Reason on to find out what happened in episode 2.

The first episode left us hanging about what Bex was going to do about Bowie's proposal. But it looks like this season of Andi Mack isn't going to be seeing any weddings because Bex has definitely decided to reject Bowie's proposal.

While Andi seems dismayed, Bex explains that she doesn't have to marry Bowie for them to all be a family. Andi doesn't seem convinced by this response.

Andi then realizes it's the Chinese new year and she'll need to get dressed up for the usual fancy dinner at her CeCe's house where CeCe tries really hard to impress Andi's aunt (or great-aunt is more like it). Jonah pops up on the scene when he comes over to return Andi's phone to her.

Andi accidentally invites him over to CeCe's shindig, but seems mortified when she realizes she's asked Jonah to spend time with her family. Buff scores an invite too, which Andi is hoping will dispel some of the discomfort.

Meanwhile, At CeCe's house, Bowie continues to rack up points with CeCe by cooking up an impressive menu for the Chinese New Year dinner.

Everyone assumes Aunt Mei has arrived when the doorbell rings but surprise, surprise - Jonah makes an appearance. CeCe points out that Jonah is wearing white, the color of death.

Back at school. Buffy and Cyrus are playing basketball together when Marty appears and interrupts them. Buffy switches to being her competitive self.

We then segue back to the Chinese New Year celebration where Jonah has changed into a red shirt. Cece is looking proud of herself when she shows off Bowie's cooking and botany work.

Bowie tells Cece that there might be some good news in the making, given he thinks Bex might still say yes to his proposal.

Cece looks thrilled and finds Bex to ask if she's going to marry Bowie. Bex looks upset and refuses to discuss the matter with CeCe.

The family then convenes to conduct their religious ceremonies, at which point, Jonah manages to insult everyone by trying to steal a bit of the ritual snacks that are being offered to the family's Chinese ancestors. Cece admonishes him.

Still, Cece feels she's "won" against her sister and decides to make an "announcement" at the ceremony. Things then get really awkward when Bowie realizes that Bex isn't going to agree to his proposal.

Bowie runs off with Bex behind him. Bex explains that the bond between them is Andi rather than their own relationship and that's why she doesn't want to get married. Bowie makes his exit.

Next, Buffy beats Marty on the basketball court but still feels nervous that she's not going to make the team.

The real surprise of this episode, however, comes at the end when Andi finds a picture of another man that Bex is hiding. We learn that this man is the real reason Bex can't marry Bowie.