WWE Introduces A New US Title Belt Design

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WWE has now revealed a new design to its prestigious US Title. The US Title design was not changed for many years, but now a new look has been revealed on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw.

Even though Apollo Crews is the current US Title champion, the new design was actually presented by MVP with Bobby Lashley.

The winner of Apollo Crews vs MVP at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules will determine who will win the new belt.

I have to admit that the new US Title belt looks pretty decent.

It includes an eagle which is a design that WWE hasn't used since the Ruthless Aggression era. Not to mention title looks more unique compared to the big WWE logo that most of the other belts have.

The previous US Title design was from the Ruthless Aggression era and wasn't changed for many years. Now every title in WWE has a new design that better fits the company's image in 2020.

If you love the new belt so much, you'll be happy to know you can buy a replica of it already via WWEShop.com. Stock is expected to be coming in on July 14th, 2020 and will cost you around $450 USD!

In terms of fan reactions, it appears the new design for the US Title is going well.

Sure some people don't like the look, but it's not universally hated like when the Universal Title was first revealed back in 2016! That belt is still ugly since it's just a clone of the existing WWE Champion belt.

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