Control Your Narrative Wrestling Promotion Reveals Its Rules

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Former WWE wrestlers EC3 and Adam Scherr (Braun Strowman) have recently started their own wrestling promotion. Well, the former has now posted the rules and regulations that their company will have.

EC3 posted on Instagram the official rules for Control Your Narrative. It sounds like the company wants to present a more realistic form of wrestling entertainment. It will even ban some flashy moves that appear in other companies.

You can read the official rules and regulations posted down below.

  • 1st rule: You are in control.⁣
  • 2nd rule: YOU ARE IN CONTROL!⁣
  • 3rd rule: Fights end when you tap out, get knocked out, can’t stand, or quit. Sanctioned “matches” can end via pinfall.
  • 4th rule: Standard “professional wrestling” rules apply for sanctioned “matches.” Chaos ensues in the PROJECT PIT.⁣
  • 5th rule: No #Superkicks. No #TopeSuicidas. No #CanadianDestroyers.⁣
  • 6th rule: The fight isn’t with your opponent. It is with yourself.⁣
  • 7th rule: Fights will go on as long as they have to. Sanctioned “matches” HIT THEIR TIMES.⁣
  • 8th rule: If you want to #ControlYourNarrative, you have to fight.⁣

It will be interesting to see how successful the company can get. There are lots of other non-WWE companies out there now like AEW, NWA, Impact, and more.

⁣The organization has held its first live event already, with a second show due to be held later this month.

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