MTV 'Sweet/Vicious' Episode 5 Recap: All Eyez On Me

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Tonight was the fifth episode of MTV's Sweet/Vicious.

This episode begins with a young woman at a bar waiting for a blind date. She gets drunk waiting, and calls a "Get In" car. The driver of the car rapes her.

The next morning, Ophelia and Jules research the case. Then later, Jules and her boyfriend Tyler have a long talk about family and career. Jules decides to surprise him with a pop-up show of his work.

At the same time, Ophelia goes to the home of the "Get In" driver, and ends up hooking up with an ex-boyfriend.

In the next scene, Jules and Ophelia do some research on the driver, who is named Landon Mayes. It turns out that he is the son of the president of their school.

While Jules sets up Tyler's pop-up show in Harris' store, Ophelia goes to find Landon Mayes' car. She places a tracker in his car.

When Ophelia returns, she and Jules show Tyler his pop-up art show. Unfortunately, the show isn't going too well for him. When people critique his work, Tyler becomes extremely upset and walks out.

Separately, Harris goes to interview one of Jules and Ophelia's victims. The guy mentions the necklace Ophelia took, which makes Harris suspicious.

Harris also finds out that the necklace belongs to Jules, making him more suspicious. But when he confronts Ophelia, she gives him an excuse which satisfies him.

At night, Jules hides out in the area where the "Get In" driver assaults women, while Ophelia pretends she's drunk and gets in his car.

But he ends up taking Ophelia to a different location where a friend is waiting, and Ophelia has to fight and the two guys herself. The incident shakes Ophelia's confidence.

Jules and Ophelia determine that the operation involves both men, one of whom spikes a woman's drink, and the other picks her up in the car. Although Ophelia wants to go back and fight the guys, Jules calms her down and convinces her to wait.

At Jules' sorority, Tyler apologizes and the two hook up. Afterward, we make a shocking discovery: that Jules cheated with Kennedy's boyfriend.

Jules and Ophelia then beat up "Get In" driver and his friend.

Jules chases after the driver and stabs him; however, she chases him into a location with a bunch of people, and they take pictures of her. Is her cover blown?

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