Deadpool 2 Is Now The New Box Office King

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For the past month or so, Disney and Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War had been the number one movie on top of the Box Office charts in North America and around the world.

Now the movie's momentum has been halted thanks to 20th Century Fox's Deadpool 2.

As reported by Box Office Pro, Deadpool 2 is estimated to have earned over $125 million in North America over the weekend.

While this is very impressive for an R rated movie, it's actually lower than the $132 million opening weekend that the first Deadpool movie got in 2016.

The lower drop has nothing to do with the quality of the movie though. It has a decent 84 percent rating by critics on Rotten Tomatoes and has a Cinemascore of an 'A' grade.

While its North America intake is slightly lower than the first, Deadpool 2 is killing it overseas instead. The movie earned $176.3 million overseas making a global opening of $301.3 million worldwide. This is a new record for an R rated movie.

Deadpool 2 is a good movie, although its second weekend might be affected a lot thanks to the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

We might see a drop considering Solo is tracking to open with a four day opening weekend over $170 million next week.

In terms of Avengers: Infinity War, the movie has received $595 million in North America with a worldwide tally over $1.8 billion.

It will be interesting to see if the movie could creep up to make over $2 billion worldwide by the end of its historic fun.

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