Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 Review/Recap: Saiyans/Androids vs. Pride Troopers

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Dragon Ball Super episode 101 featured a great battle featuring several different characters. The main challenge of this episode is going up against five members of the Pride Troopers from Universe 11. Was Goku able to find help to combat them?

Episode 101 of Dragon Ball Super starts off with Kale talking to Caulifa. Kale is like the Incredible Hulk because she has no memory of what happened.

When she goes berserk, she's an entirely different beast that cannot control her actions. Kale is a little tired so she needs to rest.

After seeing how Jiren took out Kale so easily, Goku is hyped to face him. Before that fight can happen, Toppo interferes to prevent Goku from attacking.

Toppo and Jiren retreat to save their stamina. Toppo feels the other Pride Troopers should take care of Goku, Caulifa and Kale.

The other Pride Troopers are kind of like the Ginyu Force when they introduce themselves. They pose a lot and are very cocky. Their members include Kahseral, Tupper, Zoiray, Cocotte and Kettol.

The Pride Troopers then start attacking the Saiyans. Tupper and Zoiray concentrate on Goku, Kettol has Caulifa and Cocotte traps Kale inside an interdimensional bubble. Kahseral has no opponent and feels it's a bit unfair attacking 5 on 3.

Elsewhere in the episode, we find out that the rest of Universe 7 are doing fine. Piccolo, Gohan, Master Roshi, Tien, Vegeta and Frieza all regroup.

They even manage to eliminate some fighters of their own. As for Android 17 and Android 18, they join in to help out Goku and the Universe 6 Saiyans. Kahseral finally has a fair fight on his hands.

As Kahseral battles Android 17, Android 18 helps out Goku who is being double teamed. Thanks to Android 18, she frees Goku from a bear hug and manages to even eliminate Tupper. The elimination of Tupper scares the little guy named Zoiray.

He retreats to tell Kahseral of the bad news. Kahseral decides to retreat and focus their strategy. They want to eliminate the weaker opponents such as Caulifa and Kale.

Thanks to Cocotte, she creates a dimensional shield that prevents Goku, Android 17 and Android 18 from helping out Caulifa and Kale. Right now it's Cocotte, Kahseral, Kettol and Zoiray vs.

only Caulifa and Kale. Things aren't looking good for Caulifa as she is losing a lot of energy. Kale is helpless because she is trapped inside her own bubble.

After seeing Caulifa absorb so much punishment, Kale gets angry and she turns into a Super Saiyan. Unlike her transformation before, she does it the right way and manages to control her actions.

She is still very bullky, but at least she can talk and is not going berserk like before. She easily breaks free from her own prison bubble to protect Caulifa.

The Pride Troopers are shocked, but not too scared. They shoot a huge laser beam at the duo in hopes of eliminating them. However, Caulifa and Kale fight back and shoot a laser beam of their own.

Kale even turns into her 'Broly' form for more power.

The Saiyans then blast Zoiray, Kettol and Zoiray out of the ring! Cocotte saves herself with a shield, but this doesn't last long. Android 18 picks her up and throws her out too!

Five members of the Pride Troopers are out. However, Universe 11 still has more team members. It's more than likely that Jiren and Toppo will not be as easy to beat.

Kale and Caulifa get some rest and Goku allows them to recover. He wants to fight them again at full strength.

Android 17 says it's the "human" thing to do, but Android 18 is a bit annoyed. Kale and Caulifa are still a part of an opposing team and I'm sure Android 18 wanted to eliminate them.

Anyway, episode 101 was pretty action packed and fun to watch. It might not have been as enjoyable as episode 100, but I like the fact that they are focusing on Caulifa and Kale.

It's quite refreshing to see other Saiyans in the Dragon Ball universe. It was also cool to see Goku becoming a team player as he worked well with the others for a change instead of being too selfish.

The only thing I want to know is where Hit was in all of this. Hit was working with Caulifa in the prior episode.

I guess he was out fighting elsewhere. Aside from that, there weren't many flaws from this episode as it was entertaining from beginning to end. Next week, Universe 7 will have to face the members of Universe 2!

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