Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3 Review/Recap: Vegito Appears

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It's been several months since Dragon Ball Heroes aired, but now we have the third episode which was on earlier today.

This episode let's us look at Vegito in Super Saiyan Blue form take on the mighty Saiyan warrior called Cumber.

As we left off from last time, Cumber is still busy strangling poor old Trunks and Fu is in the back enjoying his warrior's power.

Golden Cooler is still looking on in the background, but nobody outside of Vegito is powerful enough to beat up Cumber.

Thankfully, Super Saiyan Blue Vegito is able to get Cumber's attention and Trunks is able to make his getaway.

Super Saiyan Blue Vegito is still having a tough time beating Cumber as he uses Kaio-ken as well to try and hang with the mighty Saiyan.

The fight continues with an impressive light show as Cumber unleashes a huge death ball that looks similar to the attack that Frieza uses.

Vegito on the other hand conjures up a joint Final Flash/Kamehameha wave back at Cumber and the tug-of-war rages on.

As the battle goes on, certain chains keep starting to break in the Prison Planet. Something is being planned because Fu is loving the amount of energy that is being used by Cumber.

The death ball and Final Kamehameha wave blasts cancel each other out and it looks like there is no definite winner yet. That is until Cumber lights up a small ball and throws it into the sky

The Vegeta side of Vegito remembers this technique because Cumber is using an artificial moon. Cumber then turns into a huge ape and Vegito is stunned by how much bigger his power level has became.

To make life even more harder on the heroes, Vegito runs out of power because Goku and Vegeta are two separate beings again. Fu is still happy with the fight, but the episode ends with the heroes down and out!

There's not much else I can say about this episode of Dragon Ball Heroes other than be impressed with how powerful Cumber is.

Any other character in the Dragon Ball franchise would have been defeated by Super Saiyan Blue Vegito, but Cumber is able to withstand so much power.

I'm a little disappointed though that Trunks and Golden Cooler weren't able to help out during this fight. If the episode was longer, it would have been cool to see them help out Vegito.

Anyway, episode 4 of Dragon Ball Heroes airs later this year and it will be Vegeta and Goku trying to face against the big Cumber Ape! Will the heroes be able to defeat this giant enemy?

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