WWE No Mercy 2017 Results/Review: A Disappointing Main Event

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WWE No Mercy 2017 looked awesome on paper, although a few of the matches disappointed. The main event between Braun Strowman vs.

Brock Lesnar could have been much better. At least the secondary main event of John Cena vs. Roman Reigns delivered.

Let's talk about the main event first. It was Brock Lesnar defending the Universal Title against Braun Strowman.

Strowman has been booked to be an unstoppable monster throughout 2017.

His momentum has been in full swing and it was the perfect time to put the title on him. Strowman was even booked to not be affected by Lesnar's offense during the buildup.

Alas, the match was not the smash mouth encounter many thought it would be. The match only lasted 9 minutes and Lesnar kept kicking out of Strowman's powerslams. The finish was where things went sour for me.

Strowman was unable to kick out of only 1 F-5! Strowman's push seems to have gotten a roadblock.

Hopefully he does not end up like Ryback back in 2012. As for Lesnar, he's taking time off again so it made no sense to let him retain the title.

John Cena vs. Roman Reigns was the opposite.

Fans may not like the two of them, but they managed to have an entertaining match.

It was a little slow at the beginning, but things picked up once they started using their special moves. The highlight of the match was when Reigns speared Cena through a table.

This match lasted for over 22 minutes long and the crowd were into it. It seems as if the crowd favored Cena over Reigns.

My only criticism of this match is the way Reigns managed to kick out of EVERYTHING. Cena delivered three AAs and one super AAA off the top rope and Reigns still managed to kick out. Reigns won in the end by doing a Superman Punch along with a Spear.

At the end of the match, Cena raised Reigns' hand to pass the torch.

It seems as if Cena was teasing his retirement, although in reality he's just taking some time off to concentrate on his Hollywood career. It will be several months until we see Cena back in the WWE.

The rest of the card was okay, apart from maybe the Cruisterweight Title match. Enzo Amore vs. Neville was boring as Neville dominated the entire match.

The most insulting thing was the finish. Enzo Amore kicked Neville in the balls to become the new Cruiserweight Champion. Hopefully Enzo's reign does not last very long. The man needs to spend more time working on his in-ring skills.

The Miz vs. Jason Jordan was a good opener for the Intercontinental Title.

The crowd were booing Jason Jordan and cheering The Miz instead. It was a solid effort from both guys and The Miz won in the end. I feel this feud might not be over.

Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt was okay too. It was nothing too special, but the two men tried to do their best.

The only thing that will annoy some fans is the booking of Wyatt. Wyatt attacked Balor before the match started to get the advantage.

However, Wyatt still lost the match as Balor beat him with the Coupe De Grace. Hopefully both men can now move on from this pointless feud.

Speaking of pointless, the pre-show match was Elias vs. Apollo Crews.

Elias got the victory which is good for him. It's just sad to see how Apollo Crews continues to be floundering on the main roster. Crews should be sent back to NXT again so he can get a better push.

The Fatal 5 Way match for the WWE Women's Title was actually pretty awesome. The most over person in the match was actually Nia Jax.

The crowd really likes Nia Jax as she is a monster. It was also painful to see Nia Jax's body hit the mat when she got powerbombed.

Even though this match lasted just under ten minutes long, the action was fast and swift.

At the end though, Alexa Bliss got the win by surprisingly pinning Bayley after a DDT. Alexa Bliss might not be champion for that much longer with Asuka set to join the Raw roster soon.

Arguably the match of the night belonged to the WWE Tag Team Title match.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose defended their titles against Cesaro and Sheamus in an exciting encounter. The match lasted just over fifteen minutes long and it featured a lot of twists and turns.

The highlight of the match was when Cesaro powerbombed Seth Rollins on top of Dean Ambrose. Ambrose however still managed to kick out.

Ambrose and Rollins won in the end though using their special moves. It will be interesting to see where the tag team division goes from here.

Overall, No Mercy 2017 was an okay show.

It featured several good matches, although the Universal and Crusierweight title matches are the ones that ruined the show for me.

Hopefully Braun Strowman is able to recover from this loss as losing to Lesnar so easily has somewhat ruined his momentum.

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