'Dragon Ball Z: F is For Fukkatsu' Footage Surfaces

Footage from Dragon Ball Z: F is for Fukkatsu has surfaced. Featuring Frieza--the franchise's most infamous villain--the film will be about "the worst wish ever."

According to a translation on Anime News Network, Frieza says in the trailer, "Let me show you...my next evolution!"

In the anime, Frieza had different forms, and he would get more powerful as he transformed into a higher one. The forms, however, stopped at his fourth.

This might be a reference to a possible fifth form for the infamous Dragon Ball Z villain; Cooler--Frieza's non-canon brother--had a fifth form, and put it on display during the Revenge of Cooler movie.

Like Battle of Gods, F is for Fukkatsu will feature an original story with new characters; Sorbet and Tagoma--two surviving members of Frieza's army--will make their first Dragon Ball appearances.

It is unclear what role they will play in the story.

After Trunks defeated him, Frieza made occasional cameos in the anime. But he wasn't the threat that was when he was alive.

At the beginning of the Buu Saga, Frieza and Cell were creating mischief in the Underworld. Goku and Pikkon arrived and cast them aside with little effort.

With this in mind, series creator Akira Toriyama will need to come up with an idea that returns the villain to his former glory; a new transformation would do that.

Dragon Ball Z: F is For Fukkatsu will premiere in Japanese theaters in 2015. For more about the anime franchise, visit its official website here.

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