Ballers Season 3 Episode 2 Review/Recap: Bull Rush

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Ballers returned last week with the third season premiere as the show itself made the move from Miami to Los Angeles.

While the setting isn't moving to Los Angeles, we at least for a lot of this episode, which is titled "Bull Rush," have moved on to Las Vegas, which plays a big part in this season.

As we saw at the end of last week's episode, Spencer decides he's going to bring an NFL team to Las Vegas by working with big casino owner Wayne Hastings Jr.

As a result, this episode starts off with Spencer arriving in Las Vegas, where he also brought along Ricky and his buddy TTD, with Ricky looking to get the fact he got a girl pregnant off his mind.

They are greeted by Hastings Jr, who sets up Spencer with a meeting with the mayor to discuss his idea.

Spencer then gets on the phone with Joe, who is incredibly jealous that he was not brought along for the trip.

Joe then gets a call from their assistant who connects him to the Dallas Cowboys owner.

He is very angry about the new wardrobe that Vernon has been wearing that we saw in the last episode for his sponsor High Powered, which features a big marijuana leaf on the logo.

Once Joe gets into the office, he talks crap about one of their clients named Kisan that won't leave him alone, who happens to be in the office right behind him.

Regardless they tell him that he has to find him a new agent, which plays into a story later in the episode.

We then cut back to Las Vegas as NFL legend Cris Carter is trying to get his favorite suite at the hotel, which Spencer just happens to have. He knows Cris from the past and tells him they can easily switch, giving him the Presidential Suite.

At this point, Spencer is reunited with a past flame of sorts named Chloe, played by Serinda Swan, who will also be starring in the upcoming Inhumans television series as Medusa.

They flirt for a little while and then she has to get back to work as she works at the casino and hotel.

Ricky had just wanted to go to the spa and get some good food, but TTD talks him into some gambling.

We don't spend like there for now though as we cut to Charles and his wife Julie as she is coaching him on how to handle press conferences after his disaster last episode.

This is a really funny part of the episode as she tries to coach him up.

The next scene has Spencer and the mayor of Las Vegas playing golf, where he tries to sell her on the idea of bringing an NFL team to Vegas.

She applauds his aggressiveness, but says a councilman is the one that won't budge and he is very stubborn.

She does say if he can somehow change his mind, he has her support, so she agrees to set up a meeting for that night.

Our next scene has Jason sitting on a swing in a playground as he find a bullet casing on the ground. We found out he was waiting to meet with Kisan from earlier, since he was looking for a new agent.

After Kisan is a no-show, Jason gets robbed by a group of guys in a car that he is convinced were with Kisan and was a tactic to test him.

They try to take his phone, but he ends up pulling $500 out of his sock and tells them they can have that if they let him keep the phone, which gets them to drive away.

The always hilarious Jay Glazer pops up next as he is talking with Charles. They have an interesting conversation, but nothing really goes anywhere.

Joe then heads over to Vernon's house and meets with Reggie about the clothing line Vernon is wearing, where Reggie reveals to him that he got him the sponsorship deal himself for $200,000, while they hadn't gotten Vernon anything.

Reggie isn't happy by this, with him getting up and walking away.

After Ricky being hesitant to gamble early, he has gotten on a total roll, with the whole table jiving right now.

Spencer stops by and puts down $2,000 and wins on his first dice roll. He says is smart and takes his money and runs.

Spencer then has a drink with Chloe discussing why he is in Vegas. She asks if he was even going to contact her if she hadn't run into him, when he turns the tables and asks why she didn't when she came to Miami.

The two then hook up again for the first time in years to no one's surprise. Chloe definitely looks to be Spencer's love interest for this year after Arielle Kebbel moved on last year.

Next, Jason barges into a fancy restaurant where Kisan and his crew are eating dinner accusing them of being no-shows on him and robbing him.

Kisan reveals his niece was sick and that's why he missed the meeting as he had to go pick her up from school.

They ask him about what the guys and car looked like, with them going to settle the score.

We then go to Spencer's meeting with Councilman Bob Sawyer. Bob doesn't believe that Spencer is only in it for the people, thinking he's in it for the money.

Spencer's pitch is that not only is the team for the people, but they can keep people in Las Vegas through Sunday and leave on Monday, rather than leaving on Sunday morning.

Councilman Bob accuses Spencer of just being a tourist, in which Spencer tells him he will show him he is not, with him texting Chloe to warn her that he is bringing him to where she is.

Meanwhile, Ricky is still gambling and just won't stop.

TTD is trying to persuade Ricky to stop, telling him not ot deviate from the plan, but Ricky gets all into the moment and bets everything he's earned, which I believe was a million dollars.

He then asks for another million, with TTD trying to get him to stop again.

It ends up that Chloe is working the monster truck show and they go up in a box.

Chloe jokes that she's not going to blow Bob to get him on Spencer's side, but her other girl does have daddy issues. Spencer and Chloe already have some nice chemistry, which is seen here.

We then get the resolution to the Jason storyline this episode as Kisan and his crew go with Jason and confront the guys that robbed him.

They try to short him on giving the money back, with Kisan threatening to beat up their car if he doesn't.

Before going off, one of them kicks in the headlight of the car, making you wonder if that might come back to bite them in a future episode.

We get our first Vernon sighting in the next scene as Charles and Joe show up at his house to give him a brand new car and claim that Tropical Chevrolet has endorsed him for a sponsorship deal for $250,000 as long as he drops the cannabis company.

Reggie calls their bluff and accuses them of just making this up to get him to switch from High Powered. At this point, it appears Vernon will not be making the smart choice here.

Back at the monster truck rally, Bob is having a great time between the drinks and ladies. The MC at the show calls on Spencer to come down.

Chloe reveals she set it up to act like he knows him, helping him out. Spencer goes down and announces that he's going to ride inside one of the monster trucks.

Ricky is still at the table during this time, with him losing again. We aren't sure if he lost the other million he bought earlier, but it definitely looks that way.

It then cuts back to Spencer driving the truck around and having a blast. He then tries to do a wild stunt that causes him to flip the vehicle upside down.

Thankfully, Spencer is totally fine and gets out to the cheers of the crowd, including Councilman Bob saying that he's growing on him.

He is asked what he is going to do for an encore by the MC and naturally, he takes this moment to announce to the large crowd that he is bringing professional football to Las Vegas, which ends the episode.

The second episode of the third season of Ballers was another really good episode.

The fact that they are trying something different with him pitching the team in Las Vegas is a nice change of pace after last season partially feeling like a retread of season one at times with his job.

Serinda Swan is also a nice addition, and hopefully she will continue to have plenty more scenes with Dwayne Johnson moving forward.

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