'90 Day Fiance' Recap: Anfisa Takes It Off; Azan's Indecent Proposal

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Tonight was the 7th episode of 90 Day Fiance season 4. After the big blowouts last week, there's much more for Nicole, Azan, Lowo, Narkiya, and the rest of the couples in store.

90 Day Fiance: Lowo and Narkiya

Narkiya notes that she needs to get a wedding dress. So she takes her friends and family dress shopping with her. Narkiya's mother knows that her daughter could get her heart broken, based on all of he scams and lies from Lowo thus far.

Narkiya believes that everyone is holding back their excitement about her dress because of their feelings toward Lowo.

When Narkiya finds her dress, one of her friends jokes that even though Lowo is a polygamist, he's only likely to want Narkiya after seeing her in her dress.

Narkiya is excited about the impending arrival of Lowo, since he'll be there in 5 days. Narkiya admits that she's marrying someone she's only spent 9 days with. But Lowo calls Narkiya to tell her that he just got back from the Embassy and found out that he needs to submit a police report.

He was studying in Vietname and needs to submit documentation about his stay there. Narkiya is really upset to hear about Lowo's delay.

90 Day Fiance: Azan and Nicole

Nicole and Azan have continued their desert retreat. Azan says that even though he knows he and Nicole haven't been getting along all of the time, he does feel in his heart that they're meant to be together.

Nicole says that she's happy to be in the desert with Azan. In a dramatic moment, Azan gets down on one knee and proposes to Nicole.

in the next scene, we see how thrilled Nicole is to be engaged to Azan. She's also eager to get the K1 visa process started.

Still, when Azan and Nicole start hiking across the desert, Azan is once again dismayed by Nicole's fatigue after only taking a few steps.

Nicole recognizes that she may not be good enough for Azan, especially when he says things like "You need to workout."

90 Day Fiance: Anfisa and Jorge

Anfisa and Jorge have only 53 days to wed and Jorge notes that Anfisa is still adjusting. Jorge notes that he will do anything he can to make Anfisa happy. He knows that Anfisa wants to build a modeling career so Jorge decides to get the contacts of photographers to help her build her portfolio.

Jorge does feel a little worried about Anfisa modeling and flaunting her body but realizes he needs to make her happy. Their conversation about hiring a photographer is punctuated by a lot of eye rolling and irritated sighs from Anfisa.

She also manages to irk Jorge by asking if she can take topless shots.

As soon as Anfisa arrives, the photographer notices that Anfisa's height doesn't make her the best candidate for modeling. Anfisa's makeup artist at the shoot asks Jorge how she'll feel when men in the industry are propositioning each other.

Trust is a key element of maintain a relationship but when Anfisa is asked whether she trusts Jorge, she immediately blurts out "No!" When Anfisa is finally in her lingerie to take modeling shots, Jorge looks quite uneasy.

Anfisa thinks it's cute when Jorge gets jealous. And Jorge admits that he doesn't like Anfisa modeling lingerie.

Anfisa says that what's important to her is her modeling career.

90 Day Fiance: Matt and Alla

Alla says reflects that her first few weeks in the US have been tough since Matt seems to resent it when Alla wants to go out by herself. Alla talks about how she misses her sister.

Alla's sister's name is Iryna. Iryna is awaiting a visa to be able to attend Alla's wedding.

90 Day Fiance: Chantel and Pedro

Chantel has finally decided to tell her parents about the fact that she and Pedro are planning on getting married. Even though Chantel asks Pedro to tell her parents, he gets the stage fright at the last minute and Chantel comes clean with her parents.

Chantel's parents are definitely blown away by the news but concede that there's really nothing that they can do given that Chantel's mind is made up.

After this episode of "90 Day Fiance," we'll be shocked if all of these couples make it to the alter. Only time will tell! Stay tuned!

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