'The Spouse House' TLC Episode 6 Recap: A Jimmy/Kelli Jo Shocker

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Tonight was the sixth episode of The Spouse House on TLC. These shows generally run 10 episodes, so it's likely about half over.

This episode starts with the engagement ceremony.

As we saw last week, Chris and Missy had run into a wierd split over vaccinating their kids. For some reason, Missy decides to leave the house and wants Chris to leave the house with her.

They both decide to leave the house, and they plan to work on their relationship back home in Chicago. Everyone is confused...

Tom is asked about his situation with Ashley Lauren. Tom wants to remain with her, but he doesn't seem ready to commit to her. Ashley Lauren, meanwhile, says she's gonna fight for Tom -- but she doesn't move forward either.

Jimmy is asked about his relationship with Kelli Jo. She tells Jimmy she fell in love with him on the airplane. She says she loves him because he respects her -- unlike the guys she's dated in the past.

Surprisingly, Jimmy says he's not comfortable being married right now. Kelli is really upset... Jimmy shocks everyone by saying it's not gonna happen tonight. Kelly breaks out in tears and says she's never good enough.

The next day, Kelli Jo is still really upset. Suddenly Jimmy is saying "I don't have that feeling of 'I want to marry this girl right now'". Uh, oh.

Two new singles are added to the house: Tracey, who is 38, and Kevin, who is 37. Kevin is a flight attendant.

Darren and Isabella are offered an opportunity to enter iinto an exploratory marriage. Darren wants to do it, but Isabella suddenly goes nuts and says he's smothering her and she wants to make other connections.

Scott and Tracey get together. They get along well and end up kissing. Over the next few days, they get very close and decide to do an exploratory marriage. They hook up on the last evening.

Jimmy and Ashley K spend the day together playing croquet. But he tells Kelli Jo that he spent the whole day talking about her. Still, Ashely K is flirting with him a lot.

Jimmy's confused as to why Kelli Jo is mad at him?!?! Jimmy tells Kelli Jo that he totally fell out of love with him. He says he's not wrong, and Kelli Jo shouldn't be jealous.

He calls her immature and dumb. He says he's happy he didn't propose.

The next day, Tom and Ashley Lauren go to a local restaurant. Tom asks Ashley what would happen if he would propose.

She says she'd say yes, depending on what happens over the next few days. They get an extra hummus for Darren, and it becomes a fight over who gets credit for the hummus. WTF? It's not a big salad!

Tom stalks out and decides he should have gone for Kelli Jo. Ashley starts crying.

Kelly Jo asks Jimmy to dinner, and they seem to have worked out their differences. Then, right before the engagement ceremony, Jimmy proposes.

The episode ends there.

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