Terminator 6 And Charlie's Angels Both Land The Same Release Date

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The sudden news of Wonder Woman 1984 releasing in 2020 has caused the landscape to change when it comes to other movie release dates. Both Charlie's Angels and Terminator 6 are now going to be released on the same day!

As previously reported, Wonder Woman used to be coming out on November 1st, 2019, but yesterday Warner Bros revealed that the movie will now be delayed and come out on June 5th, 2020 instead.

Now other movie studios have landed the November 1st, 2019 date.

Deadline now notes that Sony is releasing Charlie's Angels on November 1st, 2019.

This is a new movie reboot starring Naomi Scott, Kristen Stewart and Ella Balinska as the lead characters. The movie is being directed by Elizabeth Banks who also stars in the movie herself.

Surprisingly, Paramount Pictures is not scared of Charlie's Angels because they have now announced that Terminator 6 will be out on November 1st, 2019 too! This seems like a risky move in my opinion because both films are famous franchises that will feature action sequences.

Not to mention both Charlie's Angels and Terminator 6 have three female leads that are kicking butt. The audience might overlap and the Box Office receipts for both movies might be heavily affected.

That said, Terminator 6 could be R rated while Charlie's Angels is most likely going to be PG-13. Still, I feel the two movies should be released on different days to maximize their Box Office potentials.

There's still no official name for the new Terminator, but it will be the sixth movie from the franchise. The film acts as a sequel to Terminator 2 as it forgets all of the other movies released.

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