Supergirl Season 3 Episode 11 Recap/Review: Fort Rozz

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The latest episode of Supergirl was very interesting mainly because Kara does not have powers and she has to rely on a team to help her out. However, two members of the team aren't the usual good guys.

Anyway, the main task at hand is to identify who Reign is and more about her motivations.

The DEO finds out a prisoner by the name of Jindah Kol Roz (Sarah Douglas) has seem intel on Reign that could help them.

Asking Jindah for more information about about Reign is easier said than done because she is being held inside Fort Rozz which is hurtling into space.

To make matters even more worse, Fort Rozz is near a blue star meaning Supergirl will not have her powers since only a yellow sun can power up Kryptonians.

Not to mention the environment near Fort Rozz is deadly to men so only females are allowed on this mission.

Since only females are allowed to go, Saturn Girl is the only good person that can help Supergirl but they need more help. Alex is out of the equation because she is resting at home with a broken leg.

In order to make this mission easier, Supergirl decides to recruit her old villain Livewire to aid her.

Livewire has stopped doing crime and is working in a bar because she's too scared to anger Reign who has been on a killing spree wiping out every criminal she sees.

Due to her hatred towards Reign, Livewire agrees to join the team. Livewire easily became my favorite character of the entire episode because she was funny and she's also an entertaining anti-hero.

The last member Supergirl recruits is Psi who is another blonde female villain that featured in a previous episode.

Thanks to Saturn Girl's spaceship, the all female team go travel to Fort Rozz to find Jindah Kol Roz in order to find out more about Reign.

Their mission is about to get harder because Reign's boss knows about this and orders her to go to Fort Rozz to kill Supergirl and her pals.

The bad guys do not want Supergirl to know of their true plans so Reign needs to get to Jindah Kol Roz first before she spills of the beans.

For an episode that featured a four-female superhero team, today's episode surprisingly lacked a lot of action. Saturn Girl and Psi did not really do much because they needed to control the ship without it hurtling towards the blue star.

Instead, Supergirl and Livewire are the only ones that go out to seek Jindah Kol Roz. I really liked Livewire because she actually was a team player and saved Supergirl's life on more than one occasion.

I was disappointed though that Supergirl herself did not have her powers today. I normally watch Supergirl to see her do superhero stuff, not walk around being vulnerable like a normal human being.

Anyway, the pair eventually find Jindah Kol Roz although they do not find out too much information about Reign. This is because Reign herself arrives and she kills Jindah herself to stop her from leaking more information.

Supergirl is literally powerless and is unable to fight back against Reign until Livewire steps in front of Supergirl to save her life. Livewire is sadly shot by Reigns' powerful laser eyes.

Thankfully, Psi also comes to the rescue at the nick of time and uses her psychic abilities on Reign. Reign still has a little bit of Samantha inside of her so she's not completely turned to the dark side.

Reign cries in fear of losing her daughter Ruby and flies away. Sadly though, Livewire dies from her wounds, but she died as a hero.

I'm kind of annoyed Livewire died in this episode because I was getting to like her as an anti-hero.

That said, I guess the show writers killed her off because there might not be any room for her to join as a series regular.

Anyway, this episode reminded me a lot about Star Wars with its light side dark side thing. Supergirl knows Reign isn't 100 percent evil and she wants to convince Reign to fight her evil self.

Supergirl is depressed that she couldn't save Livewire's life, but Mon El cheers her up when she gets back to Earth. As for Samantha, she comes home to get Ruby but knows something is wrong.

Samantha doesn't know what she does with her time for most of her days. In other words, when she turns into Reign, Samantha has no memory of her actions so she asks Alex for help.

The episode ends with a tease that more people like Reign are out there. Supergirl season 3 is about to get very interesting if she has to face a team full of powerful supervillains soon!

Today's episode was not as good as last week's one, but Livewire made the episode more enjoyable for me. I'm just bummed out that she got killed off because I would have loved to have seen her again.

The side story was okay, but kind of pointless. It was just Alex bonding with Ruby although nothing too important happened between their interactions.

That said, Season 3 is starting to pick up as the story is getting much better now that Reign is actually here. Hopefully the show gets even better when Reigns' powerful friends show up later to challenge Supergirl and her friends!

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