Lady Gaga Explains 'JOANNE' and More On The Howard Stern Show

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Following the big release of her latest album Joanne last week, Lady Gaga visited The Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show to chat about the inspiration behind the album, buying Frank Zappa'a old house and more.

During her interview with Howard Stern, Lady Gaga expanded on where the inspiration for Joanne came from. Gaga's new album was named after her aunt who passed away before she was born.

Her aunt died from lupus and she said that they always worshipped her like a goddess. Gaga's aunt was someone who was very close to her father and she said the family always talked about her including during family meals.

Gaga said her aunt was like her guardian angel or spirit guide and she even prays to her. The singer said that there was a lot of tragedy in her family before she was born.

Stern, Robin Quivers and Gaga also chatted about how hard it is to live with lupus because it's your body attacking itself.

What's even worse is Gaga's aunt was sexually assaulted in college and it caused her disease to flare up.

She later on revealed that the album was about healing the wounds of being a young woman growing up in her family. It helped her understand why her father was so overprotective of her.

The singer also chatted about buying Frank Zappa's old house because it was special and magical.

She was very excited when she was able to keep the board he recorded on. Gaga believes that it's mystical to her to think that the music that he made traveled through the board.

Later on in the show, Gaga performed her song, "Million Reasons," and wowed the crew. You can hear about Gaga's experience with Led Zepplin, having her underwear glued on SNL and much more in the Howard Stern audio stream below.

Stream Highlights From Lady Gaga's "Joanne" Interview From The Stern Show

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