Iris West To Become The Flash In An Upcoming Episode Called 'Run, Iris, Run'

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An upcoming episode of Season 4 of The Flash will see Iris West becoming a speedster for the very first time.

It does not sound like a permanent role, although it will be humorous to see how she fares being a speedster and the hero of Central City.

As reported by Deadline, The CW has revealed the first image of Iris in a superhero costume. She will don the suit in an episode called 'Run, Iris, Run' and it will air on The CW on March 13th, 2018. 

The main reason Iris has to become her own version of The Flash is because the team encounter a new type of meta-human.

This meta-human is called Matthew aka Melting Pot (guest star Leonardo Nam) and he has the power to change the DNA of people.

During a fight, Barry's super speed powers gets transferred to Iris West. As for Barry, he's back to being just a normal human being again and has to assume Iris' original role as the team leader. 

It looks like the upcoming episodes of The Flash will feature more speedsters. It was revealed not too long ago that both Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick are coming back to appear in one episode as well. 

The only speedster left out at the moment is Kid Flash, although he is not totally forgotten, Instead of appearing on The Flash, Kid Flash will now be a part of DC's Legends of Tomorrow TV show. 

Season four of The Flash will commence starting on February 27th. The team are still trying their best to get the upper hand on this season's main bad guy called 'The Thinker'. 

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