Pacific Rim Uprising Is Getting Mixed Reviews Based On Rotten Tomatoes Rating

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The first Pacific Rim came out in 2013 and it became a guilty pleasure for many people that were into large robots beating up bigger monsters.

Well Pacific Rim Uprising is out later this weekend, and it sounds like the sequel is not as good as the original.

As seen on Rotten Tomatoes, the current critical rating for Pacific Rim Uprising is at 50 percent. Exactly 30 reviews are positive while the other 30 reviews are negative at the moment. 

Everything is split down the middle as of time of writing. You can read the critical consensus for the film down below. 

"Pacific Rim Uprising won't win any points for subtlety or originality, but it delivers enough of the rock 'em-sock 'em robots-vs.-kaiju thrills that fans of the original will be looking for." 

The average score for the film so far is a 5.1/10 meaning we are looking at 2.5/5 stars reviews from many critics.

The film's audience score is not up yet, but it will be interesting to see if average movie goers are more kind to the film's overall quality.

As noted by Box Office Pro, Pacific Rim in on track to gross around $25 million in North America this weekend. That's low compared to the $37.2 million opening weekend the first movie received back in 2013. 

That said, Pacific Rim Uprising is aimed towards more viewers in other countries so the worldwide total might be a bit more favorable.

The worldwide gross for the first Pacific Rim movie is a respectable $411 million mainly thanks to its popularity in China.

Anyway, I'll try my best to watch this movie very soon so we can give our own written review out for you guys. Hopefully the movie is better than expected.

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