Ike Barinholtz Aces Eric 'The Actor' Trivia on Howard Stern Show

Ike Barinholtz--best known for his role on MADtv--was in Stern's studio Tuesday morning to shoot the s*** about his most recent role on "The Mindy Project", but mostly to prove himself as the greatest Eric 'The Actor' aficionado known to man.

Barinholtz claimed he knew Eric 'The Actor' better than Jon Johnson, Eric's former caretaker, which is some tall talk coming from the prime time comedian, and Stern put him to the test.

"What was the first tv show Eric appeared on?" Stern asked.

"American Dreams," Barinholtz said, and he was right! He knew the name of Eric's disease, but he didn't know Eric's middle name (which is Sean, for the record).

He knew Eric defended Kelly Clarkson in his first call to the show, and that he was afraid of the werewolf on his trip to Mexico.

"You got one wrong out of six," Stern said.

"That's sad." And when Barinholtz knew the name of the seven foot tall Texan Eric pretended to be on Stern (Correct answer: "Romeo Blues"), Stern concluded that the great Ike Barinholtz, in fact, had no life.

Other than retaining the most useful useless information about the late Eric 'The Actor', Barinholtz stars alongside Mindy Kaling on "The Mindy Project".

Kaling was on The Howard Stern Show a few weeks ago before the premiere of "The Mindy Project", where she told Stern she wasn't hot enough to be casted as herself in the first television sitcom she wrote.

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