Howard Stern's Anxiety & Howie Mandel's Periscope Discussed on the Stern Show

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Things got very serious early on in the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show as he discussed the fact that he has anxiety and needs to see a psychiatrist.

He also revealed that because of this Howie Mandel needs to back off from using it around him.

It all started with a phone call from Claire out of New Jersey and according to a MarksFriggin rundown of the show, Stern said that he hates Claire and that he's an a**hole.

"Howard said everyone is an asshole. He said he knows very few assholes. Robin Quivers said he just said two different things," according to the report.

"Howard said he's having anxiety attacks lately. He said that he assume that's what he's having. Howard said this happened yesterday."

"He said he gets so upset with what he sees. He said his heart beats so fast that he can't breathe. He said that he gets knocked out by this.

Howard said his psychiatrist has been away for a month and he has to talk to someone. He said he's trying to talk to Beth about it. Howard said he sees what's going on out there."

Stern seemed pretty upset about it all and after playing clips from Howie Mandel's Periscope account he said that Mandel is flying in for an "America's Got Talent" gig. Stern threatened to "shove Mandel's phone up his ass" if he uses it again.

However, later on it's clarified that Stern really just doesn't want to be involved in the Periscope stuff despite saying how much he likes the technology on yesterday's show.

"Howie said that he will be doing even more of it if Howard doesn't like it. Howard said JD told him about the hearts thing on Periscope and how it means thank you and I love you," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said that he's begging people to give him hearts. Howard said that's pathetic. Howard said it's no wonder he's sick. Howard said that phone will be up his ass if he uses that thing around him.

He said it'll be the first Periscope colonoscopy. Howard said he's sorry to hear that Howie is sick though. He said he's so afraid of germs. Howard said he's the same way. He said he hates it."

It looks like Stern only likes Periscope when it doesn't involve him.

Even so, Stern is asking for his space to be respected and the fact that he might have a serious anxiety problem is enough for those around him to worry. It certainly was an explosive start to the morning show.