Anthony Cumia Discusses Opie and Jim's New SiriusXM Contracts

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Anthony Cumia posted a video to his website and YouTube in which he discussed the new contracts to remain on SiriusXM satellite radio signed by his former "Opie and Anthony" co-hosts Greg 'Opie" Hughes and Jim Norton.

The comments were posted as part of the free weekly best of he shares each week of his subscription-based audio and video show which can be found at

"I've got to address the elephant in the room," he opened the best of with.

"Opie and Jimmy Norton resigned with SiriusXM. I don't know the terms of the deal or how long they signed for, but I know that over the years Opie has been pretty adamant about a two year deal."

He continued explaining that people seemed very confused on the Internet not knowing what to make of the deal.

Many fans of Opie and Anthony had expected Opie and Jim to leave the satellite radio provider out of solidarity for their former partner, who was fired from the the show, as soon as their contracts ended.

Cumia addressed the idea that Opie and Jim were "traitors" or that they had somehow betrayed him by signing the new deal. The host also shot down the notion that he had any problem with the new contract.

"I have no problem with Opie and Jim re-signing," he said. "What else are they going to do? It's a great gig...they only have to do three and a half hours, instead of four, they have most Fridays off."

Cumia said his former partners also got raises, probably from the money not spent on him.

There has been much speculation that Cumia was fired as a way to save money while keeping the show.

Cumia does appear to believe that's the case saying SiriusXM got a "perfect storm" that allowed them to keep some of the show while firing him.

"I would have preferred to have still been there," Cumia said. "It was an easy gig, but I'm happy where I am."

The host also addressed Opie's comments that the new contract did not close the door on Cumia rejoining the show. He said that he has not heard from his former employer nor did he expect to.

"I assumed when the show ended amicably, I assumed I would go off and do something else...but I did not want to strike out on my own at this point, Cumia said.

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