Harrison Ford Talks Punching Ryan Gosling on The Ellen Show

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As if we needed anymore reasons to love Harrison Ford, he keeps on giving us more. Ford recently visited The Ellen Show and had a slew of hilarious tales to tell including one that involves punching Ryan Gosling.

In his words it was a pretty powerful punch.

Before DeGeneres and the Blade Runner 2049 star told DeGeneres about his powerful punch, he had to explain to her why he was caught directing traffic in Manhattan.

He explained that there was a line of cars and construction in the area and he figured they wouldn't be getting anywhere.

So, he decided to hop out of the car he was in and direct traffic to clear the way.

DeGeneres then asked Ford to tell the audience and viewers what the new Blade Runner 2049 film was about and he jokingly said "no." He would later go on to reveal that the film was a stand-a-alone so there is no need to watch the original (though we totally recommend it).

There is a scene where Gosling and Ford get into a scuffle and Ford actually punched Gosling in the face.

Both stars were shocked and Ford joked that Gosling was probably more surprised than he was. He said he was surprised he didn't hit him a lot more.

Gosling actually told the story in his interview from The Ellen Show and said the punch actually really hurt.

You can hear more from Ford's interview with Ellen DeGeneres in the video below. Blade Runner 2049 is now playing in theaters.

Harrison Ford Talks Punching Ryan Gosling on The Ellen Show