'90 Day Fiance': Was Anfisa's Plan to Leave Jorge All Along?

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The relationship between Anfisa and Jorge has been a puzzling one right from the start.

Here was a gorgeous, young Russian woman who showed up in America, only to wind up hating the man she married well before they made things legal.

In addition, Jorge's financial narrative has been unraveling for a quite a while, well before Jorge told Anfisa the truth about his debt on this most recent season of "90 Day Fiance."

Also, Anfisa has made clear from the beginning that her only interest in Jorge has been what he can buy her, while Jorge, despite his sister's pleas, always thought that Anfisa was just kidding around or being sarcastic.

So why then did Anfisa remain with Jorge all this time? What's been her real plan all along?

Per the Squander, the truth about Jorge's net worth has been circulating for almost a year.

Jorge doesn't make nearly has much money as he claimed to and as we now know, has also accumulated debt. So public reports have been easily accessible to Anfisa about Jorge's true financial state for some time now.

More recently, we discovered that Anfisa's deadline for obtaining her greencard is coming up and Jorge has been truly worried that Anfisa will leave him as soon as she gets her greencard.

But if Anfisa does leave Jorge, she'll no longer be able to command valuiable screentime on TLC.

And therein lies the real reason that Anfisa may have remained with Jorge all of this time.

As soon as Anfisa arrived in the US, she had her golden opportunity to be featured on a major TV show that has helped to catapult her social media presence into true popularity.

We also know from the last season of "90 Day Fiance," that Anfisa had her heart set on being a model and even attended a photo shoot to try to build her portfolio.

So it seems that the true reason Anfisa has remained with Jorge all of this time, despite the fact that she's probably known about his true financial status for some time, is the publicity and what it could do to build her career.

What will we discover about Anfisa's true intentions in this season? Stay tuned for our exclusive recap, coming later on tonight.

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