Box Office: Transformers 5 Impresses In China But Not In North America

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Transformers: The Last Knight is out and the movie has been making some money at the Box Office worldwide.

However, the numbers for North America are less than impressive. It appears North American audiences are getting sick and tired of Michael Bay directing the movies.

As reported by Deadline, Transformers: The Last Knight had a worldwide opening of $267 million. $199.2 million of that comes from the overseas markets.

The film opened in 41 markets and it's no surprise that China is responsible for the majority of that. The opening is 2 percent better than the launch of Transformers: Age of Extinction back in 2014.

China is likely going to make the film successful. In China, Transformers: Age of Extinction earned over $300 million.

We could expect to see similar numbers for The Last Knight. Not to mention Hasbro is still going to earn lots of money with all of the new toys that it has released to go alongside the film.

Things might sound good overseas, but The Last Knight is not impressing North American audiences. Deadline also reports that the film earned over $68 million across its five day opening.

If we are talking about a traditional 3 day opening weekend, the film grossed only $45.3 million. It will be the first Transformers movie to possibly gross less than $200 million in North America.

The past two Transformers films have grossed over $1 billion, but The Last Knight is unlikely going to achieve this. Aside from China, numbers have been much lower in lots of other countries.

The movie will still make a lot of money for Paramount Pictures, but this could be a sign that Michael Bay should leave the franchise for good.

A different direction is what this franchise needs if it wants to survive in the future.

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