Ellen DeGeneres Meets Sabre The Kid Surfer

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Hailing from Australia, little Sabre is a kid surfer with a personality that Ellen DeGeneres was not expecting.

Little Sabre visited The Ellen Show to show just how excited she was to be there, which translates into an adorable and fun video.

Sabre is the youngest person ever to be selected to take part in a major Australian surf competition, according to DeGeneres. DeGeneres rolled a little footage of the Sabre interview that made her famous.

In the interview, Sabre wanted the $250 prize for a competition so that she could spend it on doughnuts for her dad who she says is pretty fat. DeGeneres introduced Sabre to the stage, and you could feel her excitement.

Sabre enthusiastically addressed the crowd and shared the fact that she placed 25th among 100 competitors in the competition.

She was given her doughnuts for free from her favorite shop, gave $100 each to her three siblings and with her last $200, she plans on buying a huge Hershey Kiss and a pair of American socks to remember her time there.

DeGeneres and the crowd seemed incredibly impressed at how energetic Sabre was in her visit.

The 11-year-old was five when she started surfing and she has to do chores in order to surf. You can watch Sabre's hilarious interview from The Ellen Show in the video below.

Ellen DeGeneres Meets Sabre The Kid Surfer

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