The Flash Casts Former HTGAWM Actor As Another Bus Meta

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The Flash has done a good job at bouncing back from its dark and dour third season that was not so well received with a fourth that is full of fun again.

Most episodes have introduced a new group of metahumans that are referred to as "bus metas," and now another one of them has been cast that will be showing up in the fall finale.

Barry was able to escape from the Speed Force in the season premiere, though we later learned his escape was all orchestrated by the villainous Thinker.

By having him come out of the Speed Force, dark matter was spread onto a bus full of humans, which turned them all into metahumans.

We've gotten a number of these bus metas introduced so far, with most being bad guys outside of Ralph Dibny, aka Elongated Man, and now we know of the next one to show up that will be in a recurring role.

According to Deadline, Kendrick Sampson has been cast in The Flash's fourth season as Dominic Lanse, aka Brainstorm, a TSA Agent that was on the bus, leaving him with the ability to read other people's thoughts.

Sampson has made his way around a number of television shows over the years, but he is most well known for his role in the season second of ABC's How to Get Away With Murder as Caleb Hapstall.

Previously known as Brain Storm in DC Comics, Brainstorm was introduced in the New 52 as a villain for Mr.

Terrific. It will be interesting to see how they play him here on The Flash, as we don't know if they will use him as a bad guy or perhaps even a good guy with his recurring status.

Sampson will make his debut on The Flash this coming Tuesday, December 5th in the episode titled "Don't Run," which will serve as the series' fall finale.

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