Online Reviews Will Soon Be Removed By Netflix

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Netflix usually has some online reviews letting users know how they feel about a particular TV show or movie that is offered by the streaming service.

Well it looks like Netflix will now be removing online reviews altogether by the time August comes around.

As reported by CNET, desktop users were able to see online reviews when they visited Netflix, but come this August this feature will be gone forever.

Users won't be able to leave reviews from July 30th, while existing reviews will be removed forever by mid-August.

A Netflix spokesperson have said they have already notified some users that have used reviews recently that change is coming.

The main reason that online reviews will be removed is simply because nobody bothered to use them. Not to mention it was exclusive only to desktop users as other platforms didn't utilize the feature at all.

Removing online reviews is not a big loss considering most people use the likes of Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB and Metacritic to find out if a particular show or movie is worth watching or not.

The most effective method in my opinion is word of mouth and usually friends and family members have similar taste in movies and TV shows.

The removal of online reviews is unlikely going to cause fan backlash since nobody used them in the first place.

Netflix is still the most used streaming service in the world and still gets lots of viewers each and every day. At this stage, Netflix is even getting more money than some Hollywood studios.

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