Bill Simmons Talks His HBO Show and More on the Howard Stern Show

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As Bill Simmons continues to tease the launch of his new website The Ringer, he stopped by the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show to talk about his upcoming show on HBO which starts in June and much more with Stern and Kimmel.

Simmons happened to come in to the show with Kimmel and Stern had the crew bring Simmons in to join them.

Stern started asking Kimmel who he is closer to between Simmons and Stern and Kimmel but Kimmel never answered the question.

However, they did get into the history between Kimmel and Simmons, as Simmons was a writer for Kimmel for a couple of years.

"Bill said he worked for Jimmy for 2 years. Howard said he was hired as a writer. Howard asked why he would hire a sports guy to write comedy," according to MarksFriggin's rundown.

"Jimmy said it was funny sports stuff that he did. He said he saw he was funny every day.

Howard said he heard he wrote him memos about how to make the show better. Jimmy said he never hung up his reporter mantle so he was analyzing things."

Bill Simmons Talks Season One of Jimmy Kimmel Live

Simmons talked about his early life as a writer and Stern brought up an alleged rift between Simmons and Magic Johnson during a show. Simmons says he loved Johnson but hates the Lakers more than anything on the planet.

Meanwhile, he praised Stern for not pretending to be a sports fan.

He spoke about the comments he made about Rodger Goodell just one day before ESPN announced his departure.

Simmons admitted that he may have gone a little too far in the podcast. Yet another surprise interview from the Stern Show featuring Bill Simmons whose HBO project will be debuting in June.

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