WWE Raw Sees Record Low Viewership This Week

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WWE is still continuing its draft, but it sounds like the move has not made viewers care to watch Raw every week.

This is because the show got one of the lowest ratings in history during a week without any huge sporting or news events happening on the same night.

As reported by NoDQ.com, the television rating for this week's Raw was a very low 1.73. This is one of the lowest ratings in Raw history and it's more disappointing because no big competition was happening last night.

The first hour of Raw drew 2.582 million viewers, the second hour drew 2.508 million viewers while the third hour only drew 2.320 million viewers. The third hour is actually the lowest in WWE history as Raw has never gotten viewership that low.

The last time Raw scored such a low rating was back in September 2016, although the episode two years ago had to compete with a Presidential Debate and an NFL game happening on the same night.

This week's number is shockingly low and there's no excuse for big competition.

The reason the rating could be low is because Raw has seen a lot of rematches over the last couple of weeks.

Viewers get bored if they see the same wrestlers face each other week after week. Not to mention the show is still three hours long which is quite long for fans to watch on a weekly basis.

Smackdown fares a little better by being only two hours long and that show has not seen lots of rematches over the last couple of weeks.

It will be interesting to see what WWE does in the coming weeks to increase viewership because they do not want to have low ratings for the build up to SummerSlam.

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