Toei Animation Is Set To Produce A New 'Dragon Ball Heroes' Anime

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While the Dragon Ball Super TV series may have seen its conclusion earlier this year, this does not mean this will be the end of more Dragon Ball content.

It has now been reported from Japan that a new anime series is being produced based on the 'Dragon Ball Heroes' trading card video game!

As reported by Anime Mojo, a leak from the latest issue of V-Jump magazine reveals that the Dragon Ball Heroes anime is currently in production from Toei Animation studios.

The anime is set to debut as early as this July in Japan!

The anime is a promotional series meaning it is being made to promote the Dragon Ball Heroes trading card video game.

Unlike Dragon Ball Super, it won't be a long ongoing series with lots of episodes. We might only get a few episodes, but at least it should be something to get excited about.

The anime series will include some arcs from previous Dragon Ball sagas.

As of right now, this is all the information that we can gather about the new series. Hopefully later this year, we can actually try and review some of the content for you guys.

Toei Animation is quite busy considering they are also making a Dragon Ball Super movie to be out in Japan in December 2018.

This movie will feature familiar faces again such as Goku, Piccolo, Beerus, Whis and more. The new face in the movie will be a villain we have not seen before.

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