The Reason Chris Hemsworth Has A Haircut In Thor: Raganrok

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Many people were stunned to see that Chris Hemsworth no longer has his nice long golden hair in Thor: Ragnarok. Before everyone panics, this was not a design choice.

The haircut actually has to do with the story of the film. Some minor spoilers are revealed, but you can be relieved to know that Marvel didn't make the choice out of the blue.

Chris Hemsworth himself explained the haircut in Thor: Ragnarok during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. It happens when he arrives on the alien planet called Sakaar.

Sakaar is a planet that basically mimics the gladiatorial battles in ancient Rome. The movie is a semi retelling of the Planet Hulk comic book.

Anyway, Hemsworth says that Thor is forced to fight as a gladiator in the new movie. Due to this, he is forced to cut his lovely hair which is why you see him with the short back and sides look.

This is disappointing for fans that love his long hair, but at least there is a storyline reason to it. This isn't just a random design change made by the studio just to get people angry or anything like that.

Thor's golden hair is not the only thing he will lose when he gets to Sakaar. Hemsworth also revealed in the same interview that Thor has to give up Mjolnir too.

Since it's supposed to be a fair fight, he cannot cheat by using his trusty hammer in battle all of the time. Hulk is in for the ride too so it could be an entertaining movie.

Speaking of Hulk, Mark Ruffalo explains that we will see more of Hulk's inner character in this film.

Hulk is not just the raging monster he was depicted in the two Avengers movies.

Director, Taika Waititi, also chimed in by saying that this film will be funny and it will have a new take on the two characters of Thor and Hulk.

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