Some Thoughts About Wandavision

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When it comes to new TV shows, I usually like to write a proper review. Well WandaVision is so strange that I just have to write an impressions article instead.

When people think about the MCU, most of them have been action and/or comedy. This has been a winning formula since the MCU has grossed billions of dollars ever since its inception in 2008.

WandaVision is the MCU's first TV show on Disney+, although it is nothing like the movies or previous TV shows like Agents of SHIELD or the Netflix shows.

This is because the first two episodes of WandaVision is a downright comedy.

The show takes a lot of inspirations to comedies from the '50s and '60s. It reminds me a lot of the show Bewitched which is a TV show my Mom loved watching when she was a young kid.

The first episode sees Vision and Wanda trying to impress the boss from Vision's work, They are trying their best to host a dinner party because they have never invited any friends over.

While the married couple is trying to live a normal life, both of them have to hide their special powers from the outside world.

The first episode was quite humorous because Wanda had to "cook" using her superpowers while Vision made sure their guests didn't come to the kitchen.

The second episode was arguably funnier because both Wanda and Vision had to put on a magic show. They had to do the magic show in a way that didn't make them look lik superheroes.

To do this, Wanda pretended to use ropes and mirrors for some of the tricks they did. It was a fun episode, although some people may not like the overall tone of the whole series.

If you're looking for straight up action like the MCU movies, you're not going to like the first two episodes of WandaVision. This is because the first two episodes felt more like a legit '50s comedy show.

There are hints the tone of the show will start changing, but nothing too big was revealed in the first two episodes.

It seems like Wanda is trapped in the '50s and she might need to find a way out of this weird life of hers.

Overall, WandaVision is by far the most unique MCU show/movie I have ever seen. It will be interesting to see the future episodes to know what the real story is about though.

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