The Anthony Cumia Show Launches Today

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I t may not be where he intended to be but former Opie and Anthony Show co-host Anthony Cumia may finally be arriving where he needs to be.

Cumia, who was fired by SiriusXM after remarks he made on Twitter, returns to the airwaves today (Monday, August 4) with The Anthony Cumia Show, The subscription based HD videocast will come from his Long Island home, known to fans as The Compound."

The Anthony Cumia Show will be live Monday-Thursday from 4 p.m.-6 p.m.

EST. Replays will be available directly after the broadcast.The show is subscription based and you can sign up at for $6.99 a month with lower prices being offered for longer commitments.

"Uncensored. Unrestricted. No management. No bosses," Cumia said in a video message on his website. "Finally, my own show. I don't have to take sh** from anybody."