Wack Packer High Pitch Eric Gets Punished For Stealing On Howard Stern

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It looks like Howard Stern is continuing to dish out the punishment to some of his Wack Packers as High Pitch Eric found himself in Stern Court during the SiriusXM Radio show for stealing $20 from Will.

(Video Below)

High Pitch Eric visited the show and while his weight was a huge part of the show, so was the fact that he stole $20 from Will.

So as Stern did with Bobo on Monday, he laid out punishment for High Pitch Eric.

On today's show, Stern fans found out that High Pitch Eric weighs 404 pounds according to MarksFriggin.

They also found that he stole $20 and when Stern asked him if he knew what he did wrong he said he wasn't sure, according to the overview of the show.

"Howard had the audio of what Eric did wrong. Howard said they caught him red handed," according to MarksFriggin.

"Eric didn't know what he did. Howard said a few days ago they caught him doing something.

Joey knew what it was. Eric didn't know what he did so he guessed at it and mentioned something about yogurt or using the bathroom. Eric didn't know what they were talking about."

Stern put High Pitch Eric to the test by laying out $20 on the couch and said that Will asked if anyone say the $20 and Eric kept it.

There is also video footage of the whole thing to prove that Eric was caught red-handed. The punishment? Well It looks like High Pitch Eric has to give up on his "Blue Bloods" dreams.

"Eric asked Howard not to do anything to him. Howard said he has to do something to punish him," according to MarskFriggin.

"Joey said he's supposed to be in the squad room on Blue Bloods this season too. Howard said he may have to call Donnie Wahlberg about that. Eric asked him not to.

Howard asked if he went to the New Kids on the Block concert. Eric said he did and Donnie hugged him and got his sweat all over him. He said he didn't shower for 2 days after that."

So, Stern said that High Pitch Eric has to stay away from Donnie Wahlberg for a month and he won't be able to visit the "Blue Bloods" show and lose the role.

Who else shall feel the wrath of Howard Stern? You can check out the video below.

Watch High Pitch Eric and his "sticky fingers" below.