Mac Miller Reacts to the Death of Prince

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The music world is shocked as new of Prince's death has begun circulating. Upon seeing the news, Mac Miller took to Twitter to share his reaction to the passing of a music icon.

Miller issued a heartfelt and passionate statement about artists who die for their fans. TMZ reported Prince's death however, there has yet to be any further information regarding a possible cause.

Miller's initial tweet was pure shock. He could not believe that one of the biggest music icons of all time, someone who reigned supreme in the 80s has passed away so unexpectedly at the age of 57.

The rapper immediately wanted to shut down all the talk about how drugs are always the major factor when someone famous dies. In terms of the music, Miller says that is what an artist dies for.

"And everybody wants to talk about drugs," said Miller.

"Drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs. thats what killed this person blah blah blah. NO. It is MUSIC. And here we are on the internet laughing and talking about people who put everything they have into music, and end up with nothing but money. People f**king die. so b greatful for that song that comes on ur pandora. that piece of music u tweet ur girlfriend. somebody died for u."

Again there is no current cause of death but Miller seems to want to stop the drugs rumors before they start circulating. You can read Miller's full reaction from the tweets below.

It's a sad day for the entire music community and Miller's passion and support of the artist showed through his tweets.