Watch ABC7 New York Reporter Get Attacked During Live Show By Guy In Jason Mask

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ABC 7 New York had a strange broadcast last night, when during a live remote shot, a reporter was attacked on air.

The reporter, CeFaan Kim, was doing a live component of his report, when a guy in a Jason Voorhies-like hockey mask came up and first put his arm around him, starting to yell.

After a few seconds, however, the situation escalates, and a fight breaks out.

The attacker removes his hockey mask and starts hitting and pushing the reporter, who at one point is thrown to the ground.

The TV crew stepped in to help, trying to separate the two men. Eventually, however, the attacker walks off.

It is unclear what the attacker was saying when he was yelling, and it is also unclear if there was any specific issue that the reporter and the attacker were fighting about

Kim is now looking for the attacker, and is requesting that people call NYPD if they know who he was.You can watch the video below:

In recent years, there have been several incidents like this. The most horrifying one was when a reporter for a Virginia CBS affiliate was murdered by an attacker on live TV. It appears that the attacker in this case was a former reporter for the TV channel, who was disgruntled.

The attack occurred when a local chamber of commerce worker was being interviewed, and the attacker killed two employees of the channel. The attacker did not kill the chamber of commerce employee.

He later shot himself, while being chased by police.

The video of that incident is available on Youtube, but we will not show it here, due to its extremely graphic nature.