Arrow Season 6 Episode 7 Review: Thanksgiving

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It is very rare that you actually see new programming air on Thanksgiving night or even the days surrounding the holiday, but The CW decided to do exactly that with both Arrow and Supernatural.

With Arrow though, the episode was very fitting to air on that holiday as not only way it set around that day, but the title of the episode was literally "Thanksgiving."

The episode starts off very unassuming with Oliver, Felicity, and William at a Thanksgiving food drive that is coinciding with the opening of the new SCPD precinct.

However, Oliver's speech at the event is interrupted by FBI Agent Watson, who shows up and arrests Oliver for the long list of crimes attributed to the Green Arrow.

Agent Watson is definitely played well, as you really, really hate her on this show, even though she's technically doing the right thing legally.

Building off of last episode, Diggle decides to take Curtis up on his offer and Curtis tries and experimental implant on his arm to see if it helps with his condition.

With Oliver now arrested, he doesn't have time to rest though, as he knows the floodgates will open with people thinking the Green Arrow is off the table.

In this time, Black Siren steals a special explosive device for Cayden James, which he needs as part of a big plan of his. During this time, Oliver has his arraignment, which ends up with his trial getting delayed.

However, the FBI evidently has some smoking gun that no one can figure out what it is. Dinah says she will try to find out if anyone in SCPD knows and Quentin says he'll check around too.

The team goes then goes after Black Siren's crew after finding out what else they are going after.

Diggle's arm fails him in the field though, and he makes the team go on and leave him behind to try and stop them.

They fail to catch them, leaving Cayden James with the tools to make a pressure cooker type bomb that could take out a large area and the people in it.

Diggle ends up in the hospital as a result of what happened, with Felicity talking to him on the phone.

He never told her about the tremors and what happened, which she was disappointed in. She tells him he needs to tell Oliver, but he says this is not the time with all Oliver is going through himself.

We then get a conflict between Felicity and Curtis, as she confronts Curtis about giving Diggle the experimental implant.

He then goes after her for not only naming the company without him, but also deciding what project they were going to work on, the spinal implant.

It was good to see Felicity get called out here for legitimate reasons, which she comes to apologize for later in the episode.

Oliver shows up to Diggle's hospital room, revealing that Felicity called him. Diggle reveals that due to the drugs he was taking, the degenerative tissue damage from his arm has spread to his back and if he continues, he could become paralyzed.

He scolds Diggle and tells him he regrets making him the Green Arrow with these revelations. This was a very brutal scene between these two that are like brothers.

Thankfully, Oliver comes back soon and apologizes, saying how he did put his own family ahead of Diggle's and for that he is sorry. Diggle also apologizes, saying he never was really doing it for Oliver, but rather for himself.

The crossover episode last year with the dream world showed him his best life is him being the Green Arrow, and now he has been able to fulfill it.

Oliver says he wants him to heal up and get better for now.

In the meantime, Oliver has to suit back up, as they discover where Cayden James is planting the bomb, a Billy Joel concert, of which we actually get stock footage of one of his actual concerts. However, things are not as they seem.

The team gets there and Rene sets off the fire alarm to try and get people to get out.

There are police saying it's not real though, which they then realize to be fake cops. The team fights these guys while Oliver tracks down the bomb, which also ends up being fake.

James is there and talks to Oliver, saying he's been waiting for this and this bomb was a decoy to get him to come out.

He also reveals that somehow his son is gone due to them and that is why he is doing all of this.

We have no idea who his son is, but it's a nice twist on the story with Promtheus last year where Oliver had killed his father.

After all of this, the team is in the bunker and Curtis shows them a video that got put out online of Black Canary, Wild Dog, and Mr.

Terrific beating up the fake cops, though the people don't know they are fake cops. This leads to the Anti-Vigilante bill passing, which Oliver has to speak on as mayor.

Oliver then visits Diggle at the hospital with Felicity and William.

William asks who the Green Arrow was the night before if Diggle was hurt, in which Oliver lies to him and says it was just his team there and not the Green Arrow himself.

After William leaves, Oliver tells Diggle he will lie to William if this is a short term thing and he is ready to hand the hood back over to Diggle when he is healed.

At this time, the doctor comes in and tells Oliver he has to come to Thea's room, who has been in a coma.

He went in and spoke to her earlier in the episode, and now it is revealed she has finally woken up.

We then cut to having Diggle, Felicity, and William in there as well, where Thea has a Thanksgiving meal in her hospital bed.

"Thanksgiving" was a big episode for Arrow's sixth season, as it set into motion some major events with Oliver finally getting arrested and then us finding out why Cayden James is doing what he's doing.

Thea waking up is also big and hopefully she'll play a big part moving forward since she's missed most of the season thus far.

Either way, the next episode is part of the big crossover, so we can't wait to see Oliver back as the Green Arrow again for longer than a few minutes.

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