Steve Harvey Starts New Show "Steve" By Promoting Creepy Cougar Attraction Potion

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Steve Harvey has totally retooled his show, and his new show, Steve, is definitely nothing like his previous shows.

This show will no longer have the couples therapy it's known for, and Harvey won't be helping any more guys -- he says they need to go back and help their mommas.

Steve Harvey Retools "Steve"

Harvey opened the show with a bunch of jokes about himself.

"I always call my shows Steve in case they fire me." He also answered the question of why he keeps doing new shows: "Lemme ask you a question -- when's the last time you turned down a check? ...If you offer me money, I'm gonna find a way to do one, cuz I gotta have it man."

He also said that he's been trying to help people for five years, and some people just don't get that's why he's turning to a new format.

Steve Harvey Show: "Let Steve Sell It"

This new format includes a lot of comedy: interviews a la late night comedy shows, an introductory monologue, and a new segment called "Let Steve Sell It."

On this morning's episode of "Let Steve Sell It", Harvey invited the creator of a product called Cougar Energy, which is an energy shot for cougars.

The creator said that he came up with the idea because he's attracted to older women, and he thought "why not make it into a business?"

Harvey did an entire joke commercial for the product, including making a pair of Cougar Claws for cougars to use to "mark their territory".

Harvey also said that the product increases natural libido for cougars. He then brought on a granny in a wheelchair to take a shot of the drink.