'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' TLC Season 4 Episode 4: Has Whitney Finally Met her Match?

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Tonight was Episode 4 of of My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 4, and we got to find out the aftermath of Whitney being body shamed at her first Kiss radio assignment.

The episode begins with Whitney visiting the Kiss station to discuss her first assignment. Whitney's assignment does get aired.

Whitney tells everyone about being body shamed. Roy commiserates, which helps Whitney feels better. Whitney discusses her plans to perform at an upcoming dance festival and gets some callers on air.

Whitney then heads home and discusses her plans to throw a housewarming party with Buddy, and Donna, a friend who's been staying at their home off and on. Whitney wants to have a themed part with everyone dressing up as a cocktail.

Buddy asks if Whitney will invite Roy. Whitney's not so sure.

Whitney also holds a rehearsal of the big girl's dance class because they have a performance coming up.

When she heads out to go grocery shopping for her party, Whitney has a chance to talk to Ashley, her friend, about Roy. Whitney feels Roy might just be too young for her.

It turns out Whitney has invited Lenny to her party despite Buddy's protests. Whitney is nervous about the question of whether Roy might be coming to her party.

Everyone has a chance to admire each other's costumes. Lenny soon arrives with a date in tow. Whitney feels disappointed by the turnout at her party, especially since Lenny shows up with a date and Roy doesn't make an appearance.

Roy asks Whitney to go out to lunch with him. Whitney asks Roy about his girlfriend. He describes her as "nice and pretty." Roy apologizes for leading Whitney on.

Whitney decides to go shopping with her mom. She has a chance to talk to her mom about Roy's admission. Whitney's mom feels she's spent her entire life consoling Whitney but feels confidant that Whitney will get what she wants.

The episode culminate with Whitney's dance troupe performing at the dance festival. Very few people turn up to watch. Still, the troupe gives it their all, only to be criticized by some audience members.

Whitney gets to meet Jiya, who invited her to her dance class in Charlotte. Jiya gives Whitney's class criticism which irks Whitney's troupe. Whitney is left seething.

Will Jiya take up more screen time? We'll find out in the next episode.

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