Our Writers

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Meet our team of writers. Our writers are:

Peyton Lawrence

Peyton Lawrence is a writer and lover of all things entertainment. Her areas of interest/expertise are TLC shows. She's a native of Michigan, but has moved all over the country. Some of her favorite things to write about are My Big Fat Fabulous Life and 90 Day Fiance

Damian Seeto

Damian Seeto enjoys movies and anime, as well as various other topics. He likes to write about DragonBall Super and film reviews, as well as entertainment news. In the past, he has written extensively about gaming. He is from New Zealand.

Reza Gorhesi

Reza Gorhesi serves as editor and writes general content, including entertainment news, some TV recaps and reviews, and celeb news. Some of Reza's favorite topics are entertainment gossip and celebrity updates.

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is a political junkie. He writes political news and commentary, as well as celeb news. He also writes about political shows and gossip. He is from Canada, but he's very into U.S. politics.

Navi Persaud

Navi Persaud focuses on celeb, entertainment, and music news. He does Ellen articles as well as TV and music reviews. He lives in Connecticut and enjoys listening to music.

Silvia Carrus

Silvia Carrus writes about interesting and different art projects and the artists behind them.