'90 Day Fiance' Season 5: Is 90 Day Fiance Fake? The Hard Evidence

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After several seasons of a hit reality show, the issue of what elements of the show are staged inevitably comes up. It happened with "The Real Housewives," and it happened with "The Hills." No surprise then that the question of whether this season of "90 Day Fiance," is fake should come up.

After only 3 episodes, the drama has been far too intense, and there have been some outside clues that make us question how authentic some of the storylines have been so far this season.

On the other hand, there has been quite a lot of evidence on Mohamed and Danielle's relationship indicating that the melodrama off set has been recounted true to form on the show.

Wondering what supports which side of this story? Read on to find out.

In the past season of 90 Day Fiance, a major source of conflict between Danielle and Mohamed was that Danielle would become truly jealous of the women that Mohamed went on dates with.

Danielle would then re-pursue Mohamed, causing him to need distance from her. In addition, the drama between Mohamed and Danielle also caused several police reports to surface.

As per Emptylighthouse:

We learn from Mohamed that while he and Danielle fight and the "divorce" word comes up, they continue to remain together. But Mohamed has called the police several times from Starcasm:

December 16, 2015

Trouble With Subject

Caller: Mohamed Jbali

Officers were dispatched to xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxx x regarding a Danielle Jbali throwing Mohamed Jbali's clothes outside.

Upon arrival, contact was made with the Mohamed and Danielle. Mohamed advised he told Danielle he wanted a divorce and he was going to be leaving soon. Mohamed said Danielle responded by throwing his clothes outside and that is why he contacted this department. Mohamed advised he was going to be moving out in a couple days.

Danielle advised Mohamed said he was leaving and she wanted to expedite that process by removing his clothes. Danielle stated she could not kick Mohamed outside due to him being a resident at the apartment. Officers advised both parties they would need to peacefully coexist until Mohamed moved out and they advised they understood.

So it looks like the legal drama that escalates between Mohamed and Danielle intermittently has facts to back it up.

On the other hand, in terms of Loren and Alexei's relationship, we were surprised to see these two fighting over the truth about Loren's bachelor party, almost two years after the fact. After all, Loren and Alexei are now being featured on their 3rd season of the show. While their conflict over Loren's bachelor party when they were just about to get married and Alexei was in the US on a K1-visa certainly made sense then, 2 years after the fact, it seems strange.

After all, Alexei is now settled in the US, these two have been married for a while, and even more confusing is why Alexei would have been so upset in the past with Loren if he himself had had a bachelor party.

Everything we learned actually seems to make Loren and Alexei's conflict on Loren's bachelor party antics seems less authentic. That would also suggest that Alexei's conflict with Sarah, Loren's best friend, is also questionable.

Got your own theories? Let us know them in the comments section.

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